Male Instrumenty
(Male Instrumenty)

Music box with 3” CD in the base. More details on the group, who play toy instruments, here, and read Clive Bell’s column

Paradise Bangkok
(Paradise Bangkok)

LP collecting all of Paradise Bangkok’s 45”s, housed in silk screened and hand stitched sleeve, limited to 500 copies. More details here

Sunday Night At The Total Theatre
(Light In The Attic)

[Couldn’t resist posting this] The other, forgotten Cybotron. Light In The Attic reissue with exact replica of original DIY private press artwork.  

Durutti Column
The Return Of The Durutti Column
(Factory Benelux)

Die cut sleeve with sandpaper inner. Label says: “The package is housed in a re-sealable polythene wallet, thus ensuring that adjacent records in your collection remain intact.”

TadzioQueen Of The Invisible(Edible Onion) Screenprinted hand cut sleeve with lyric inserts and copper moon on inner. Produced in three colours: green pictured. More details.  

Queen Of The Invisible
(Edible Onion

Screenprinted hand cut sleeve with lyric inserts and copper moon on inner. Produced in three colours: green pictured. More details.  

Ignatz & Harris Newman
Bring You Buzzard Meat

La Ballade Du Beau Regard

Two releases from the Okraina label, which specialises in double 10” releases. More details here.  

Kemper Norton
Lowermoor EP
(More Than Human)

Third release from More Than Human. 12” EP in edition of 300 copies, with foil text and high gloss UV decal. Cover painting by Jordan Milner. More details here

Kouhei Matsunaga
(Fang Bomb)

Book collecting Matsunaga’s line drawings, with a 7” single. 40 drawings on 88 pages, in hardcover cloth bound book. More details here.  

Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession: TR-909
(Get On Down)

Double 7” flexi disc release from earlier this year, a prelude to the coffee table book Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession released by Get On Down. Photo gallery of lesser know drum machines featured in the book up here.  

Bin Idris
(Hasana Private Press)

Red cassette in wax sealed guitar string envelope (with guitar string). Hand numbered edition of 33. 

Paramount: The Rise And Fall
(Revenant/Third Man)

A velvet lined oak case (built to look like a portable gramophone player), with two books, replica flyers and catalogues, a USB stick containing all 800 tracks and six 180gm brown marbled LPs with gold embossed centre labels in a birchwood folio. Full details here.

Erased Tapes Collection V 
(Erased Tapes)

Hand made 5x7” box set plus cloth and puck, produced in an edition of 500 for Erased Tapes’s fifth anniversary. Design by Torsten Posselt at FELD

Triggered Sound
(Palaver Press)

Collection of commissioned photographs taken by sound artists, including Taylor Deupree, Aki Onda, Yan Jun and others. 

Norbert Möslang
(cave 12)

Black vinyl 12”, design by Xavier Robel & Eva Rittmeyer. 

Alexandra E Lindh/Dan Fröberg
Tingens Vilja

(Kning Disk)

A limited edition box containing one extended CD and 24 prints. Produced in an edition of 222. More images here.