Enrico Malatesta
Matija Schellander/Attila Faravelli
Freie Aerophone
(Aural Tools)

Two releases from Aural Tools, a set of wooden balls and three laser cut bull roarers. More info on both here

John Eckhardt

A USB flash drive with eight pieces of music, three texts and a preface by Barre Phillips, and 200 digital photographs. More details here

I Have Eaten The City
Secret Paths
(Tombed Visions)

Double sized case and vacuum form tray mount, with green cassette and 300gsm recycled paper inlay. Produced in an edition of 100. 

Ian Humberstone & David Chatton Barker
Theo Brown And The Folklore Of Dartmoor
(Folklore Tapes)

Box set containing 7x7” records, DVD (not pictured), 24-page booklet, double sided map/poster, seven postcards of Theo Brown woodcuts, one pressed wild flower picked from Dartmoor. Also comes with download code. On tour in July and August. More details here

Running Point
Sharpen The Past
(Power Moves Label/Ambivalent Soap)

Microcasette produced in an edition of 30 copies. More details here

Joe Davolaz"Pina Colada"(Tona Serenad Records)Flexidisc sound postcard. More details here. 

Joe Davolaz
"Pina Colada"
(Tona Serenad Records)

Flexidisc sound postcard. More details here

Dva Zagorodnyh Doma
(Post-Materialization Music)

10” in hand made silk screened sacking cover, with silk screened lyric sheet inside. Produced in an edition of 98 copies. 

Sasha Ulz
The Dual Orienteering EPs
(Wist Rec)

Two 3” CDs housed in recycled kraft boxes, containing orienteering maps of familiar places, a compass, film strips, and personalised adventuring routes in an edition of 100. More details and sound samples here

Balloon & Needle Compilation

2xCD produced and designed by Choi Joonyong, comes packaged with a red balloon and a needle.  

Lake Mary
There Are Always Second Chances In The Mountains
(Planted Tapes)

Cedar boxed cassette produced in an edition of 100. More details and sound samples here.  

Speed Guru vs Plastic Crimewave
Psychedelic Showdown
(Prophase Music)

Comic book and 7” single with Acid Mothers Temple’s Makoto Kawabata and Chicago based illustrator, writer and musician Steve Krakow.  

(Seconds Records)

Cassette in sandpaper, wrapped in string. Edition of 32. 

Mr ZuPaper Piano No 3CD which has reached us as part of a project by Chorlton Arts Festival. More details here. 

Mr Zu
Paper Piano No 3

CD which has reached us as part of a project by Chorlton Arts Festival. More details here

(Taavi Tulev)

Acrylic packaged card shaped CD containing one track. Produced in an edition on 49. 

Ludo Mich/Blue Yodel/Roman Nose/Ross Parfitt/Jennifer Iker
The Clurichaun’s Naked Cheat With Sour Wine / The Leprechaun’s Coins Numismatist
(No Basement Is Deep Enough)

Grotesque cassette release on Belgo-Serbian label No Basement Is Deep Enough. Produced in an edition of 81.